Our process begins with an initial meeting that allows us to learn a little more about your motivation and goals. This is an opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have, about us, the process, our motivation. We really want you to feel comfortable and have no expectations that you will decide to go with SentryWest – that decision remains entirely yours and we want you to feel confident about your financial strategies. 

If you do choose to move forward with us, the next step is to perform a Financial Needs Analysis, which is an opportunity to formally begin the process. During this session we will request access to certain documents and other financial information, which are all protected and guaranteed to remain secure and private. We’ll also take the time to learn more about your current status, both professionally and personally, so we can craft a strategy that suits you. 

As independent advisors, we have the freedom to find the best investment and insurance solutions on the market, rather than being tied to a single institution. In some cases, such as complex estate planning, we will consult with specialists who can help create robust solutions specific to your requirements. Each financial solution is customized to the individual, as each client’s goals and financial motivations are unique to themselves.

Once we have developed a comprehensive solution suited to your specific requirements, we will present it for you to review. At that point, you are able to choose any individual part of the plan or take it in its entirety. The decision is always yours and if you choose to move forward, we will finalize the paperwork and put things in motion. 

After everything is set-up and active, we then closely monitor the accounts to provide an in-depth annual review. We remain available year-round for any amendments or adjustments you might want to undertake. All our recommendations are flexible and can be changed to suit your needs as required.