SentryWest was founded on the principles of customer service and intelligent financial advice. Following years working in the industry for larger organizations, we wanted to take an approach that allowed us to connect with our clients on a more personal level––one in which we can incorporate our own experiences and share the professional expertise we’ve developed with other likeminded people in our community. 

As a small firm, we’re agile and able to accommodate to regulatory changes in the industry and the changes in our clients’ lives with ease. By understanding the motivation behind your investments, we can help find evolving solutions that fit your life as it is now and how you envision it in the future. 

Being independent and accessible, we provide the same services and expertise as large institutions, but with a personal touch. You’ll never be lost on an endless automated phone loop or wait weeks for an appointment. We live and work in the same region as our clients and feel that by doing so, we’re able to craft financial strategies that consider the entire scope of living where we do, the challenges and benefits of being in a small community.